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What’s on in Sunderland, Places to Stay and Eat, Attractions

~Things To See and Do, Activities, Where to Eat, Where to Stay in Sunderland~

Whether you’re looking for things to do in Sunderland such as events and attractions or are planning where to stay in Sunderland, you’ll find everything you need for your Sunderland holiday on What's On In

Attractions and Places to Visit in Sunderland

Attractions and Places to Visit in Sunderland

From beautiful beaches and countryside, to theatres, museums and galleries, there's plenty to see and do in Sunderland and the SR postcode area. Many of the attractions are free and all offer a great family day out, packed with fun.

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Places to stay in Sunderland

Places to Stay in Sunderland

When it comes to best places to stay in Sunderland, the choices are limitless. Whatever the reason for your trip to the Sunderland and the SR postcode area - a family holiday or a night out with friends, you will be embraced by a warm and friendly welcome

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Sports and Activities

Sports and Activities

Here in Sunderland you can find Activities and Family activities, to suit everyone, from some great golf courses, theme parks and fitness centers.

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~Things to do in Sunderland~ Activities and Family Activities in Sunderland~

~Food and Drinks in Sunderland~

Sunderland have a huge range of options for food and drink. Historic classic pubs, beautiful stylish restaurants, family friendly pubs, Chinese restaurants and takeaways, Italian restaurants, Cafes, Delis. The list goes on!

Food and Drinks in Sunderland

Food and Drinks

From fine dining and afternoon tea to pop-up markets and humble street food, Sunderland is packed with options to suit any mood offering any and every cuisine you can think of.

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Asiana Fusion Restaurant
Asiana Fusion Restaurant in Sunderland

With a panoramic views of the River Wear amid sumptuous surroundings with artifacts and furniture carefully sourced from across the Far East.
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Mamma Italia Restaurant
Mamma Italia Restaurant Sunderland

Mamma Italia is situated to the right of the building with the restaurant open every night of the week. With its relaxed atmosphere and contemporary settings.
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Olive Affaire
Olive Affaire

Olive Affaire was the inspiration of ‘Jean Oliver’, the director of the Greek Bistro. From August 2013 to February 2018; the idea came from living years.
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The Oak Tree Farm
The Oak Tree Farm Sunderland

Enjoy a traditional carvery at The Oak Tree Farm. We’re located just outside Moorside, Sunderland. A great place to take the whole family.
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~Shopping, Health & Wellbeing in Sunderland

Make sure to discover Sunderland’s diverse neighbourhoods, from tranquil suburbs to central areas full of shopping, entertainment and dining options.

Shopping & Fashion in Sunderland

Shopping & Fashion in Sunderland

Sunderland has independent shops dotted throughout the city, though there are some streets with more shops than others. There are also a number of specialist shops, including jewellers, art galleries, toy stores, antiques dealers and seaside gift shops, as well as countless boutiques.

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Health and Wellbeing in Sunderland

Health & Wellbeing in Sunderland

Unwind in luxurious treatment rooms in a choice of beautiful and professional salons around Sunderland. Manicures, Pedicures, Facials, Waxing, Consultations, Massages and more are offered in St Alban’s best beauty salons.

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We have people visiting our website from all over the country and helping them have a good time in Sunderland. Using our What's On In Sunderland website you can explore the best places to visitthings to do, hotelsrestaurants and much more! We even have an online business directory where you can search for the services of various trades people and many other sectors. 

Local services in Sunderland

Local Services

Visitors, students and residents of Sunderland can find information about local services and amenities or visit Events to find out more about local events or Local Traders about local tradespeople.

Properties for Sale & Rent in Sunderland

Properties for Sale & Rent

Estate agencies in Sunderland are offering a great variety of properties on the area's favourite locations. In Sunderland you can find an excellent selection of properties for sale and rent.

Things to do in Sunderland

Things to do

Enjoy a family day out in Sunderland, with different things to do whatever the weather. Explore green spaces, laser tag and play centres.

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What’s On In Sunderland

There are so many amazing things to see and do in Sunderland, From beautiful beaches and countryside, to theatres, museums and galleries. Sunderland is a welcoming, bustling city set at the mouth of the River Wear.

Sunderland has an extensive range of things to do with a selection of places to eat and drinkattractions and activitiesplan your stay and visit to Sunderland. Our What’s On In Sunderland guide has the latest events not to miss while you visit Sunderland. Check the latest events, news, exhibitions, shows and more on your trip to Sunderland by checking out our News and Events page. Whether you’re looking for the best weekend breaks in Sunderland or planning a longer holiday in Sunderland, you can be sure you’ll find all the information you need.