Armed raider smashed into stranger’s house because she refused to lend him £20

Armed raider Marc Ridley smashed his way into a woman’s home in the middle of the night because she refused to lend him £20.

Ridley had downed Jack Daniels and prescription drugs when he went to the stranger’s home asked for money

When she refused, he smashed her window and kicked through her door.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the victim’s living room was showered with glass, which caused cuts to her feet and she was left “absolutely terrified”, fearing she would be killed.

She said in a statement: “I get flashbacks and I don’t feel safe anymore.

“I want to move out of the area.

“To be attacked like this in my own home is outrageous.”

Ridley, who had a crack cocaine addiction, told police in interview: “I tried to borrow some money off her, she p***ed me off so I went home and got my sword and pick axe handle and smashed her door in.”

Prosecutor Michael Bunch told the court Ridley had gone to the victim’s home in Hetton-le-Hole, Sunderland, after midnight on May 16 but then left when she pointed out what time it was.

The 29-year-old then went to another address, where he thought some rival “divvies” lived, but got the wrong house and used a stick or bar to smash a window at the home of a terrified mum and daughter who lived there.

Ridley then went back to the first house, at shortly before 2am and knocked on the door.

Mr Bunch said: “He asked if she could lend him £20, offering to repay £40 the following day, to which she told him she didn’t have any money.”

The court heard Ridley tried to get into the house but the victim managed to shut the door, however, moments later her living room window shattered, covering the woman’s pet dog with glass.

Mr Bunch added: “She describes him beginning to kick at her door. This left her feeling absolutely terrified. She had no idea who he was or why her window had been smashed.

“A few moments later he was successful in gaining entry into the address.

“She could see he had a machete in one hand and a large piece of wood in the other. The machete was two feet and he was swinging it around the room, pointing it at her.

“She became terrified that the man was going to go on and kill her.”

The court heard Ridley started banging his weapons on furniture and a wheelchair belonging to the woman.

Ridley, of Houghton Road, Hetton-le-Hole, left the house after the woman alerted the police and he was arrested in the street.

He pleaded guilty to aggravated burglary, criminal damage, possessing an offensive weapon and possessing a bladed article.

Judge Christopher Prince sentenced him to six years and eight months behind bars.

The judge told him: “She was absolutely terrified of your behaviour, as anyone would be.

“She describes your behaviour, quite properly, as outrageous.”

Judge Prince said he accepted Ridley’s remorse for what he did was genuine and said he had insight into what was at the heart of the offending, which was drug use and an addiction to crack cocaine.

David Lamb, defending, said Ridley is aware of his issues and has taken steps to address them.

Chronicle Live – Sunderland