Call out for North East dogs to become ‘paw managers’ at Wilko shops

People in the North East are being asked to nominate their dogs as Wilko is on the look out for five additional ‘Paw Managers’

Meet Jazz the golden Cockapoo who loved her local Wilko store so much staff created a new job role and hired her.

The eight-year-old pooch fell in love with the shop last year when the retailer started allowing dogs instore. And now Jazz will stop her owners in their tracks and refuse to walk any further – unless it is towards Wilko.

Once inside the store she will head straight to her favourite aisle, which is of course where the dog treats are stocked. And now she has been given her own ID badge and uniform after being recruited as Wilko’s first ‘Paw Manager’.

Jazz looks adorable in her little Wilko uniform after staff invited her along to the Chippenham store to recruit her. And now Wilko is looking for five additional ‘Paw Managers’, with people in the North East being asked to nominate their dogs.

Those chosen for the role will become ambassadors for their nearest pet-friendly store – with one spot open for dogs from Newcastle, Durham, Middlesbrough and the surrounding areas.

The five lucky winners will receive a £100 cash prize to spend instore on anything from canine food and treats to dog toys, beds and grooming equipment, as well as ‘Paw Manager’ status and a customised lanyard.

The chosen pooches will get their own little uniform and ID badge and will be welcomed into their local store, where they will be invited to patrol the pet aisle, conducting fun activities such as ‘quality control’.

To nominate a pet, visit the Wilko Facebook page and comment on the pinned image of Jazz’s first day as ‘Paw Manager’. Share a picture of your dog alongside a short message explaining why they’re such a good fit for the position.

Paula Bedford, Head of Retail at Wilko, said: “We’re proud to have 248 dog-friendly stores nationwide and welcome all pooches to come along instore with their owners to browse our pet range – and even pick out their own treats.

“When we heard about Jazz’s obsession with Wilko, we had to meet her. So, we invited her along to our Chippenham store, honoured her with her own little manager badge and crowned her as the first-ever Paw Manager.

“Now we want to find five more clever canines to join her in the role. We can’t wait to see our amazing customers post their adorable doggy pictures and look forward to crowning five more Paw Managers!”

Since becoming a regular at Wilko Chippenham, Jazz has become somewhat of a local celebrity – winning the hearts of team members instore who excitedly await her visits.

The cheeky pooch has even got into the habit of leaving her mark on every visit – by planting her paw in the doggy water bowl provided instore after stopping for a drink on her way out.

Craig Cristofoli, Chipenham Wilko Store Manager, said: “We are delighted to hire Jazz as our Paw Manager for the Chippenham branch – we couldn’t ask for a better representative of the doggy friends of Wilko!

“All of our team members instore love when she visits just as much as she does and we can’t wait to welcome her and her owners again.”

Take a look at these adorable photos of Jazz the golden Cockapoo hard at work in her new role as ‘Paw Manager’.

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