Charlotte Crosby’s mam Letitia makes defiant cancer vow as she thanks Gateshead hospital staff

Charlotte Crosby’s mam Letitia has thanked the staff at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Gateshead for all their help during a ‘tough year’ following her breast cancer diagnosis, as well as vowing to beat the disease.

Letitia’s famous daughter Charlotte has spoken out on her diagnosis, with the Geordie Shore star revealing that her mam had been dealt the blow after going for a routine mammogram before Charlotte herself found a lump on her own breast just a few days later.

Charlotte, who is expecting a baby with boyfriend Jake Ankers, explained: “Mam had no symptoms. There were no signs. “I became so much more aware of my own body. And then I found a lump literally just after mum was diagnosed. I went to get it checked out straight away. Luckily it was nothing bad.”

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And now Letitia, 53, has penned a candid post on Instagram about her journey since her diagnosis, as she prepares for chemotherapy and radiotherapy in a fortnight, in which she aid tribute to the Gateshead hospital staff who’ve been a huge support to her.

Next to photos of her in a hospital gown and alongside Charlotte, Jake, husband Gary and son Nathaniel, Letitia, who was a popular star of her daughter’s hit MTV series The Charlotte Show, wrote: “I want to say a huge thankyou for the huge amount of love and support I have received since my story came out its absolutely overwhelming.”

She continued: “It’s been a tough year with a rollercoaster of emotions. The 4 people in my last picture have been my absolute rock throughout all of this I could not of gotten through this without them and the amazing staff, nurses and consultants at the Queen Elizabeth hospital Gateshead.”

Charlotte Crosby's mam Letitia makes cancer vow after diagnosis
Charlotte Crosby’s mam Letitia makes cancer vow after diagnosis

Opening up on the road ahead for her with her treatment, Letitia added: I have still a Rough journey ahead of me but with the support system I have around me I will get there!”

Letitia revealed her cancer news in a newspaper article, for which she donated her fee to North East cancer charity FACT. Signing off her Instagram post in a defiant manner, she ended: “I would like to share my journey with you guys and continue to raise awareness in the importance of checking your breasts and attending mammograms. I won’t let this beat me,” adding “#F**kCancer.”


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