Durham restaurant serving golden steak to rival ‘Salt Bae’ in London

Two restaurants in Durham and Sunderland have added a shiny new dish to its menu after similar dishes at a London venue went viral for their eye-watering cost.

Stirks Steakhouse at the Belmont in Durham City Centre and its sister site in Sunderland have unveiled a new, 38 ounce tomahawk steak covered in 24 carat gold.

The dish is designed to be enough for two diners and costs £100. While that may seem a little step, it pales in comparison to the prices charged at Nusr-Et in Knightsbridge, operated by Nusret Gökçe – better known as Salt Bae.

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In recent weeks diners have posted images of their receipts from the London hotspot online, with a similar dish costing an astonishing £850.

Stirks Steakhouse owner John Stirk, a butcher by trade, revealed why he has decided to launch the dish.

He said: “We just tried to launch a dish that’s similar to the ones in London which we think is extortionate.

“I’m not saying ours is cheap, I’m saying it’s more accessible. It’s meant to be shared and I think it’s value. We try to give good value in our restaurants.

“We were getting sick of seeing receipts showing how much people have spent in Salt Bae’s restaurant. We’re all about the food, it’s about the quality of the food.

“This is the North East. People in the North East are not going to pay £850 for a dish. £100 is a push!

“Eating out should be for everyone – we have the golden steak for people who want to pay for it, but we also have other dishes like pasta which are more affordable.”

Despite that, the dish has proved extremely popular at Stirks two sites in Durham and Sunderland.

John added: “We’ve already sold more than 30 since Friday – I think we’ve sold 35. It’s proving really popular.

“It is very good and we were very happy with it. It’s on our menu until March. Aesthetically, it looks amazing.

“All the steaks in my restaurants are cut by my brother, who is a butcher – we’ve got real heritage. We’ve got something in common with Salt Bae as we’re both butchers by trade – but then I don’t sprinkle salt on my food like that.

“We’ve tested ourselves and pushed our boundaries.”

Nusret Gökçe became an internet sensation in 2017 when pictures of him went viral sprinkling salt onto steak with a flamboyant flourish.

The chef now owns restaurants in Turkey, Greece, the US, the UK, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

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