Heartbreak after pregnant dog is sent home from the vets and dies hours later

A pet owner has been left devastated after his beloved dog and her puppies died- just hours after being sent home from the vets.

Brian Lormor, 59, from Hetton-le-Hole, Sunderland, brought his pregnant miniature Yorkshire Terrier Lacey into Vets4Pets in Durham on August 5 after he was concerned something may be wrong.

He said he was told by the vet that everything was fine but just days later he brought her back after her belly became “distorted” and he couldn’t feel her puppies move.

This time Brian claims the vet said Lacey may need a Caesarean but he couldn’t afford it so the vet told him to take Lacey home to allow her to have a natural birth.

Lacey just hours before she was due to give birth
Lacey just hours before she was due to give birth

In the early hours of Saturday morning, however, tragically Lacey died and although Brian rushed her to the emergency vets to try and save her puppies, they too passed away.

His brother Malcolm had been watching Lacey while Brian was sleeping and said he initially thought she was “just sleeping”.

Malcolm explained: “Something just wasn’t right. Her stomach was distorted, it was really big and the puppies weren’t moving. We knew something was wrong.

“The vets said she needed a Caesarean but my brother couldn’t afford it.

“Ten minutes later the vet came out and said the dog is fine, she’s in labour, she has a belly full of puppies.

“We were told to take her home put her in a dark room and allow her to have a natural birth. But four to five hours later she sadly died.”

Malcolm had to wake Brian up and tell him the news which shocked him so much that he had an asthma attack and had to be taken to hospital.

Lacey was only five-years-old
Lacey was only five-years-old

He said: “He’s asthmatic and he couldn’t breathe so we had to get an ambulance and he spent two days in hospital.

“My brother has had that dog since she was a puppy, he was crying like a baby, I’ve never seen anything like it.

“He lives on his own and dogs are his absolute life. I felt so sorry for him.”

Brian said: “It was the biggest shock of my life. I hadn’t been sleeping because I had been keeping an eye on her but I couldn’t keep my eyes open so I asked Malcolm to watch her.

“A few hours before she was sitting up, panting, just healthy and ready to give birth.

“I just need answers off the vets.

“It seems like they’re all about money. If he said she needed a Caesarean then I would have taken out a payment plan or something. If she needed one he should have given her one.

“I spoke to another vet who said we should have been told to take her to an emergency vet if she didn’t give birth by 10pm.”

He said the heartache of losing his beloved dog is made all the more worse by the fact he doesn’t know how she died and can’t afford to pay for a post-mortem.

Brian, who has also has five other dogs, said he has been left “broken” without Lacey.

Brian took his dogs everywhere even on his bike
Brian took his dogs everywhere even on his bike

He said: “She was five years old, it was her first litter, she should be here with me.

“She went everywhere with me, she was like a baby. She’s been my rock, she’s been my companion.

“People don’t understand, it’s like grief for someone in your family. It shouldn’t have happened, she should be here with me now.

“Everyone knew me around the local area because I had trained all my dogs to sit in the basket on my bike.

“Everyone knows how much this has affected me, I’m just at a loss, I miss her so much.”

Vets4Pets failed to provide a comment.

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