New Affordable Food Hub To Open In Sunderland This Week

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Some of Sunderland’s most vulnerable households can get a helping hand with their weekly shopping bills from this week.


The first of five city council-supported affordable food hubs, offering weekly groceries to low income households at a fraction of high street prices, opens in Southwick this Friday, December 9th.

For just £7.50 each week, people who sign up weekly to become members of The Bread and Butter Thing will get around £35 worth of food, including fresh fruit and vegetables, chilled food for the fridge and cupboard staples such as pasta and cereals.This will be the second Bread and Butter Thing food hub in Sunderland. One aleady operates from the Pennywell Neighbourhood Centre, supported by Gentoo and Karbon Homes.

The scheme uses surplus food from supermarkets, factories and farms. While the content of bags changes from week to week, it will always be quality fresh produce. Most members collect their bag of food and then top up what else they need.

The location of the other four council-backed hubs is due to be confirmed overcoming weeks.

Cabinet Member for Vibrant City Coun Linda Williams said the hub would be ‘a vital lifeline to families who are struggling to cope’.

“We are delighted to be supporting The Bread and Butter Thing to open five new hubs across the city as part of the wider work we are doing to support our communities through the cost of living crisis,” she added.Coun Kelly Chequer, the council’s Cabinet Member for Healthy City, is also a Southwick councillor: “We know the importance of healthy eating and the protection this provides against a range of diseases and conditions,” she said.

“It’s brilliant to see this project making use of surplus and healthy good food at a time when many of our residents are really struggling to afford healthy nutritious food.”

Founded in Manchester in 2016, The Bread and Butter Thing works with manufacturers, retailers and the hospitality industry to redistribute surplus food to people who need it the most.

CEO Mark Game, CEO of The Bread and Butter Thing added: “I’m delighted that we are working with Sunderland City Council to expand our service and bring the benefits of our mobile affordable clubs across the city.

“Not only does The Bread and Butter Thing help people to better afford to feed their families, it also opens up new foods and improves diet diversity, builds community with our fabulous volunteers and aids people’s financial situation by stretching household budgets that bit further.”

There is no commitment and the scheme is free to join. Once they have signed up to be a member, people will receive a text each Wednesday asking them if they want to order. If so, their order will be delivered to the food hub at Austin House in Shakespeare Street, Southwick at 2pm on the following Friday.

People can choose from a family bag at £7.50, an individual bag for £4 or a large family bag for £15. There is a vegetarian option.

To find out more about the project and sign up, visit: Full details will be supplied when people sign up.

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