North East hour-by-hour weather forecast as heatwave brings scorching temperatures

Temperatures are set to climb to heatwave levels at the start of the new week as a health boss warns of the consequences of the warmer weather.

College of Paramedics chief executive Tracy Nicholls said the “ferocious heat” the UK is predicted to experience over the next few days could have a detrimental effect on Britons.

Scorching temperatures are predicted for Monday, with Durham expected to be warmer than Barbados with temperatures hitting up to 35C. Climate attribution scientist at the Met Office, Dr Nikos Christidis, has said the 40C prediction is a result of climate change.

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The forecaster has issued an amber warning for the majority of England on Sunday, which then extends to southern Scotland and Wales from Monday until Tuesday.

The forecast for the North East on Monday predicts “Long sunny spells and light winds, with very hot daytime and overnight temperatures. Highest temperatures once again across the south. Maximum temperature 33 °C.”

Hour by hour forecast for Newcastle

6am: Cloudy, 20°C, Chance of rain: <5%

7am: Sunny intervals, 20°C, Chance of rain: <5%

8am: Sunny, 21°C, Chance of rain: <5%

9am: Sunny, 22°C, Chance of rain: <5%

10am: Sunny, 24°C, Chance of rain: <5%

11am: Sunny, 25°C, Chance of rain: <5%

12pm: Sunny, 26°C, Chance of rain: <5%

1pm: Sunny, 27°C, Chance of rain: <5%

2pm: Sunny, 28°C, Chance of rain: <5%

3pm: Sunny, 29°C, Chance of rain: <5%

4pm: Sunny intervals, 29°C, Chance of rain: <5%

5pm: Sunny, 29°C, Chance of rain: <5%

6pm: Sunny, 29°C, Chance of rain: <5%

7pm: Sunny intervals, 28°C, Chance of rain: <5%

8pm: Sunny, 27°C, Chance of rain: <5%

9pm: Sunny, 26°C, Chance of rain: <5%

10pm: Clear night, 25°C, Chance of rain: <5%

11pm: Partially cloudy, 24°C, Chance of rain: <5%

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