Tributes paid to 36-year-old Sunderland mum and martial arts coach after brave battle with cancer

Emotional tributes have been paid to a mum-of-three who bravely fought terminal cancer for over 18 months.

Amanda Lamb, from Sunderland, died on August 1 after being diagnosed with terminal cancer in January 2020.

The 36-year-old was a well-known martial arts coach at KM Martial Arts Academy in Castletown, and leaves behind her four-year-old son, Thomas, and two older daughters Caitlin and Hannah.

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Amanda spent the last few months of her life living with her sister, Stacey Brickle, who cared for her sister as she underwent chemotherapy in a bid to give her more time.

Stacey said: “She was courageous and very selfless. She was always thinking about other people. She was such a strong person and she fought right the way through.

“She was rushed to hospital a few days before she died because she was in pain and unable to eat. I got a call and was told to come down because the cancer had spread all over her body and she only had a few days. It was brutal.

“She has lived with me since Christmas and it meant a lot to me. It was awful to watch her going through it, it was hard seeing in so much pain. I just loved her, she was my best friend.”

Stacey will now raise her nephew, Thomas, alongside her own four children, in line with Amanda’s wishes.

She added: “I’ve got her little boy Thomas, I’m going to raise him. that’s what she wanted and I want to do it.”

A friend of Amanda had set up a fundraiser to help with the family’s costs, but the money is now being used to help pay for Amanda’s funeral.

More than £6,500 has been raised so far, with a number of people from the martial arts world donating to the cause. Stacey and the family say they have been comforted by the show of support.

Stacey added: “They all adore her. KM Martial Arts had a big training event in her honour this weekend and lots of people donated.

“She was absolutely obsessed with it, she loved it. She said it was like a big family, and they’ve proved that it is.”

Amanda will be laid to rest in her martial arts uniform, at the same cemetery as her grandfathers following a service at Sunderland Crematorium on August 17 at 10.30am. Everyone who wishes to pay their respects to Amanda is welcome.

Sunderland woman Amanda Lamb with her son Thomas and daughters Caitlin and Hannah
Sunderland woman Amanda Lamb with her son Thomas and daughters Caitlin and Hannah

Stacey is now facing the prospect of eviction from her home, as the landlord looks to sell the property.

She added: “Amanda really wanted Thomas to find a school in the area, so I hope we can find a house nearby. I just have to cross my fingers and hope for a miracle.”

Donations can be made to support the family via a GoFundMe page here.

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