‘Wear the white ribbon’ – Sunderland councillors support campaign highlighting violence against women

Sunderland City Council have asked people to wear a white ribbons over the coming weeks, with hopes of raising awareness of a vital campaign to end men’s violence towards women.

The campaign begins on Thursday and Wearsiders will be asked to sport the symbol of the campaign for two weeks – with the council asking males in particular to participate.

Known worldwide as the International Day for the Eradication of Violence Against Women, white ribbons represent a pledge to never be violent against females.

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The ribbons also symbolise never condoning or remaining silent about violence.

Councillor Kelly Chequer, the City Council’s Cabinet Member for Healthy City, said: “Domestic violence and abusive relationships create problems around the world.

“Wearing the White Ribbon shows our support and helps remind people who are perhaps reluctant to come forward that help and support is there if they need it.

“Any violence is a concern and the White Ribbon Campaign’s focus is on men’s violence against women.

“Tackling, combating and preventing violence against women is everybody’s business.

“Please, wear a ribbon.”

Each of the city’s 75 councillors have also been given the option to wear a ribbon, to show their dedication to the campaign – with senior officers also reminding team members to show support.

City landmarks across Wearside will also be lit white for the next fortnight to support the campaign and raise awareness.

As a key member of the Sunderland Domestic Abuse and Violence against Women and Girls Executive Board, Sunderland City Council aim to prevent and eradicate domestic violence and abuse across the city.

As well as supporting important campaigns alike this, the council also commissions accommodation and support for victims of domestic abuse across Sunderland.

Charity Wearside Women In Need (WWIN), also provide refuge, advice and support to women and children suffering domestic violence.

WWIN can be contacted directly on 0800 066 5555 and their website can be found here.

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