Fitness & Gym Clubs in Sunderland

If you’re a total beginner who has never played sports, jogged a mile, and can barely do one push-up… then going to the gym is one of the best things you can do. Even if you are a person that loves to practice different sports, but you do not have enough free time your best option is going to the gym. The SR postcode area is home to some of the best fitness centers in the UK.

New Level Gym

New Level Gym - Sunderland

New Level Gym: home to recreational trainers, athletes, powerlifters, bodybuilders and strongmen.
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PureGym Sunderland

PureGym Sunderland in Sunderland

We're extremely passionate about fitness at PureGym Sunderland. That's why we've packed the gym with everything you need to succeed.

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Everlast Gyms - Sunderland

Everlast Gyms - in Sunderland

Our Sunderland gym offers an undisputed fitness experience at an unbeatable price, with memberships from £30 a month. We have male and female changing facilities on site, private showers and plenty of lockers to store your belongings.
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